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Gary Yourofsky Supports Rape of Animal Consumers

Some of you will be familiar with Gary Yourofsky’s popular speech at Georgia Tech. It is talked of as being a powerful, thoughtful speech which gives people new to the animal rights movement a great introduction to the theory and to speciesism.

A lot of people refer to that speech. They post it in online groups and celebrate Gary as a hero of the animal rights movement, but I and many like me beg to differ.

Whilst Gary’s message in that interview seems innocent, it’s not the full picture. Gary Yourofsky1 believes in promoting violence. Gary Yourofsky believes in promoting rape. Gary Yourofsky wants you, animal consumer, to be anally raped until you’re disembowelled .

This is not the kind of person we need representing the animal rights movement. He may talk about causing the least amount of harm but this is clearly just a farce if he is willing to advocate violence against humans. If Gary Yourofsky believes he will create more vegans and benefit animals by promoting violence he is wrong. Promoting violence creates a divide. It makes vegans look crazy, unreasonable, unapproachable and unrespectable. Even I, as a vegan, don’t want to be within 100 yards of him so why would someone who uses animals want to be near him let alone listen to his message?!

I truly, truly believe that the only way to promote veganism and animal rights is to lead by example. It may be a clichéd quote but ‘be the change you want to see in the world’ rings so true.

We were all animal consumers once. We were all blind to the atrocities we were a part of. Good, positive people led us to where we are now. Let’s try to be somebody else’s positive inspiration.

  1. See Gary’s essay “What’s Wrong With Violence?”.

  2. See below for the reblogged post of tailscasalena which inspired this piece.

  3. A quote by Mahatma Gandhi, who also said ‘An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind’. Appropriate much?

And here is the post that inspired me to speak out against Yourofsky.


(This)… Speaks for itself. I just think people should know who they are actually supporting. The only information I had on Yourofsky was the popular university speech and Q &A that he gave, and I think that is what most people have seen from him. As I say in the conversation, I wanted more information because I liked what he had to say.  I even considered asking if he would speak at my college on behalf of veganism before this conversation.  Nevertheless,  I no longer feel the need to hear or read his views on veganism, as I do not support his method, the way in which he vulgarly expresses his point and I especially do not support his view of rape as a punishment. 



I recently came across one of your speeches online and I really enjoy what you have to say about animal rights. However, I was shocked and embarrassed by a quote I found in “The Gary Yourofsky Interview”,“Every woman ensconced in fur should endure a rape so vicious that it scars them forever. While every man entrenched in fur should suffer an anal raping so horrific that they become disemboweled. ” Please do not advocate rape as punishment for people who commit crimes against animals. Rape is not punishment, it is a horrible crime.  I’m very disappointed that a compassionate and intelligent person like yourself was even quoted saying that.  I hope you take this letter into consideration when giving future speeches.  

Gary: I am a proud advocate of violence as EVIL people deserve NOTHING but evil in return.  Only a fatuous fool who is concerned about politics would advocate pacifism. 

You shouldn’t snoop around the Internet for things I’ve said as ALL of my essays/feelings are espouses openly and clearly on my site.  If you have the courage, read my two essays on VIOLENCE. ” “Empathy, Education, and Violence: A Time for Everything” & “What You Give Is What you Should Get” 


I do not agree with your advocacy for violence, but I was NOT snooping to find dirt on you Mr. Yourofsky. I was trying to find more information about your views because as I said before, I enjoyed a different speech you gave in Atlanta.  I did not purposely search for the darker side of your views, as I did not even know that they existed. At this point, it seems as if I do not agree with you at all and I also do not appreciate being called a fool. I believe that no one deserves to be raped and certainly not as a punishment for anything. You think your 20 year old self should have been raped and disemboweled because you were not educated on the suffering of animals?  I will choose not to read your essays as they are not worth my time.That is all.

Gary: Since you won’t read the essays AND LEARN, you have proven my point about your foolishness, you UNEDUCATED, CLOSE-MINDED fool.  Fuck off and stay stupid, Taylor. G

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